Kyle & Ceci | Joyward

There are few couples who have influenced Ashlyn and I as much as these two. Kyle and Ceci were there the moment I asked Ashlyn to marry me. Ceci snapped the photos and together they helped me craft the day into perfection. Kyle's wooden bowtie handiwork appeared around the neck of my groomsmen for our wedding and we even stood on a solid stage he built last-minute for our nuptials as well.

Together, they have chosen to take a journey in their super-gnarly-completely-gutted-and-rebuilt-trailer. They have chosen to make this four-month trip all about refocusing on their marriage and have titled their trip "Joyward". You can learn more about the meaning of this wonderful trip and follow their tales and sweet photos on their Joyward Blog. They even wrote a story about Ash and I