Quick Trip: Las Vegas | Travel

My niece was born just over a month ago. I wanted to meet her and see my family so I flew into Las Vegas where my sister and brother-in-law are living. This post documents my trip, stay, and shenanigans.


 Leaving home. Reaching for the skies. 

Leaving home. Reaching for the skies. 

Arrived in DFW Airport for a happy little three-hour layover. I rode the Skylink tram for an entire circuit and a half. I think it takes about 18 minutes for the tram to circle around once with all the stops.

 DFW airport Skylink tram. 

DFW airport Skylink tram. 

The above image was a compilation of two images in a very unique edit. I snapped quite a few and decided I really liked having the man with the beanie on one side and the business man on the other. The edit was difficult and required three separate stints with SplitPicPro to seamlessly cut and meld the images together. Final colorization in VSCO. 

 How I feel during a three-hour layover.

How I feel during a three-hour layover.


We cruised through Wednesday as a day-at-home for flight recovery as well as a much needed home stint for Melody and Abigail. 

Being the name-smith I regale myself to be, I have appropriated the following monikers for the little one in the house. Henceforth and forevermore, Abigail will be referred to as:

  • Abby
  • Abbey
  • Abblibally
  • Absidaisy
  • Abibagel
  • Bagaggle


Thursday morning rolled around as Mom, Mel, and I decided to make a trip to the Hoover Dam and Boulder City, NV. This would be the first time Abigail would cross into another state. Barely one month old and already a national traveler!

 I found the bridge I was standing on to take this photo nearly as impressive as the dam itself. Super gnarly!

I found the bridge I was standing on to take this photo nearly as impressive as the dam itself. Super gnarly!

As mumsy Mel tended to the needs of Absibaby, Mom and I opted for leisurely trek across the dam for sightseeing.

Hoover Dam came and went. As our hungry stomachs guided our next move, we chose to stop in Boulder City for some late lunch spot browsing. Neat place. Boulder City exploded in the 1930's as a boom town for the workers who built the Hoover Dam. Now, it simply exists to proudly resonate its history.

The evening came to a delightful close with shenanigans as my brother-in-law Jeremy and I gabbed over our beers while he sizzled some steaks for dinner. Our weird rears its awkward head when we stay under the same roof.

 First and only drinks of the evening. Seriously, normal weirdness.

First and only drinks of the evening. Seriously, normal weirdness.


A lovely, relaxing morning calmly filled with the aroma of caramelized apples, pears and peaches. We had an idea to make some German pancakes and top them off with the various fruits. Mum Mel tirelessly working at the ingredients as I put my chops to use in trying to dice the fruit evenly. 

Have you ever been to a snow-covered mountain next door to a sandy wilderness? Just a short drive north of Las Vegas you will happen upon Mt. Charleston and find yourself in such a place. It's really a lovely getaway for those tired of the hot climate of the strip. The girls and I ditched Jeremy at work again so we could go for a leisurely drive in the seinic Spring Mountains. 

Upon our return Jeremy and I then ditched the girls for a guy's night out packed to the gills with yummy sushi and American Sniper. Good day of mutually ditching others.


For the final day of my trip I promptly woke up and packed for the return flight. The plane wasn't leaving till 4:40pm but we had a full schedule ahead. Mel dressed Abigabi up in a frilly-yet-cuter-than-puppies outfit for a mini-shoot which seemed to last about as long as a green light in rush hour traffic. The morning light was weird to work with and I was a little bummed the shoot didn't have the outcome I was hoping for. 

Soon after I put the camera away we were joined for breakfast by two friends of Mel and Jay from their life back in Oklahoma.  We had a genuine Winters Waffle Meal made by the two waffle champions of the Winters Waffle Meal historical tradition. It. Was. Glorious. No photos though. 😉

Our day moved right along into a rapidly paced tour of the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops to find both the Apple Store and Peter Lik's gallery. 

TopTip: If you want to be blown away by some amazing photography by Australia's premier landscape photographer, go to a Peter Lik gallery. Fuh realz. 

Mel and Mom dropped me off at the airport in plenty of time to catch my flight home. And the rest is history. 

 Abibagel and I got along famously.

Abibagel and I got along famously.


Best app of the week: touchRetouch

I am constantly blown away by the developers at ADVA Soft bringing desktop-level editing power for your images to your phone! Check out the proof below in the before and after photos below removing reflections from a shop display window. I love this app.

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